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Help & Info about UltraISO for windows

  • What is UltraISO?

    UltraISO is a programme which allows you to open a disk ‘image’, a virtual version of a CD or DVD. Disk images contain all the data and information which is stored physically on a disk, but stores it instead in a digital file which you can store on your hard drive, a pen drive or share via the cloud or other online storage.
  • How does it work?

    UltraISO creates a virtual CD-ROM drive on your computer. Instead of ‘inserting’ a disk, you instead ‘mount’ an image file onto this virtual drive. This allows you to extract data from disk images and basically gives you access to all the information on a CD without needing the disk itself.
  • What can I use it for?

    The two most common uses for the programme are creating digital backups of physical media and installation of operating systems across a network of computers. The first use means that snapping an important installation disk doesn’t mean you no longer have access to the programme. If you create a disk image on your computer, you can always access the information. The second function is installing an OS from a server across multiple CPUs. Instead of having to manually install by disk every operating system, UltraISO would allow you to open a disk image from a server location and simultaneously install an operating system across multiple machines.
  • Is it legal?

    It can be used to open disk images you do not own, which infringes the copyright of the owners of that media. However, creating multiple backups of your own media and using UltraISO for the purposes stated above are all legal.
  • Do I need to own a physical copy of a disk?

    No, you can use UltraISO to create a backup and from that point onwards you never need to worry about the physical disk again.
  • Who is UltraISO for?

    Anyone who wants to keep their media safely stored digitally or someone whose work requires sharing programmes and installing them across a large number of machines.
  • Is the programme safe?

    Completely. The download is guaranteed virus free and UltraISO itself does nothing more than create virtual disk drives for your computer and gives you the tools to access the information on disk images.
  • Does it create disks?

    No, UltraISO is not designed to write information to a disk, or ‘burn’. There are ways to do it, however, but you are better off using a dedicated piece of software for writing disks.
  • Is the programme regularly updated?

    Yes! UltraISO is currently on version and has been getting regular updates since its creation in 2002.
  • What are the system requirements?

    Very minimal - just a version of Windows that is at least Windows 98, 166Mhz of processing speed and 10Mb of hard drive space.


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